Acting together to protect biodiversity

GoldenBee • 19 November 2019

After experiencing primitive civilization, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, today human beings have entered the age of ecological civilization. The core idea of ecological civilization is the harmonious coexistence between human and nature. At present, biodiversity loss and climate change have become the two major crises caused by human beings' unrestrained taking from the nature. Industrial civilization is unsustainable, so it is imperative to practice ecological civilization.

It is reported that one million species will go extinct around the world in the next decade. This is the sixth biological extinction that is taking place now, and human beings are experiencing this process. The second issue is climate change. The issue is not that humans cannot stand a temperature rise by 2℃, nor humans will be submerged because of a temperature rise by 2℃. The consequences are far more serious than that, because the habitats of many species will be fundamentally destroyed and human habitats will not survive either after a temperature rise by 2℃. Why should human beings enter the age of ecological civilization? It is because industrial civilization has led to a very fast speed of biodiversity loss, even faster than the previous five biological extinctions. This is the fundamental factor for human beings to enter the age of ecological civilization.

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