About FutureToday

FutureToday means thinking the present from the future. All people, organizations and networks that share this vision are invited to connect with one another on FutureToday and to use the platform as a space to develop their projects and ideas. FutureToday is a worldwide unique change-maker platform for new thinking. It supports all those who want to share their knowledge, start new collaborations, develop innovative business models, generate positive impact, build new clusters, or simply join in. Because it's all about rethinking the world.

Let's create a sustainable future - today!
Our goal is to enable new ways of thinking and acting that create a positive impact for everyone and to make sustainable economic activity and life the new paradigm of a global world. This overcomes the old contradictory way of thinking and enables a systemic perspective on the current challenges. On the basis of the diversity of the members and the power of their collective ideas, creativity, innovations, and new perspectives are made possible, which help each individual to develop themselves further and to help work towards creating a positive impact for all.
Change-makers are welcome, to lead the world from the future! Today!
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We need your participation to let this community grow in 2021!

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